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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  July 6, 2013 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. a plane crash at sfo. >> we see people and they said they are alive and walking around. >> ap 77 officials confirm two people are dead and 182 are injured. >> at this point in time there is no indication of terrorism involved the fbi will be work closely with the ntsb. >> witnesses say that the tail of the asiana jetliner hit the seawall at the start of the runway and snapped off. >> this is the runway, it came in like this. and i was just watching the wheeling and it just hit like this and whole thing collapsed immediately.
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>> good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. the chair of the national transportation safety board is expected to arrive foyt to head up the investigation on the deadly crash at sfo. the asiana passenger jet came had in to land at sfo, it was 11:2 this morning. witnesses say the plane hit tail-first just yards short of runway 28l. the plane eventually came to a rest on the grass and dirt on the side of the runway and caught fire. passengers could be seen jumping down the emergency slides. >> most of the 307 people on board made it off okay. there were 291 passengers, and 16 crew members. two people are confirmed dead. they were both chinese passport holders according to south korean officials. a total of 182 people were taken to air hospitals and 49
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of them were seriously hurt and at this hour everyone has been accounted for. we have team coverage with crews covering all aspects of this story. >> we begin with ktvu's jade hernandez live at sfo, where authorities have held a number of news briefings today. jade. >> reporter: the airport at this time of the day does not usually look like this, but two of sfo's four runways are closed, meaning delays, but this is not how the day began. clear skies at san francisco international airport this morning did not mean all was well for flight 214 approaching sfo's runway 28. just before 11:30 this morning, dispatchers radioed for help, it's not yet known exactly what happened during the hard landing, but tail of the plane came off. >> the plane originated from shanghai and our crew applied foam and water to the fuselage. >> reporter:
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this picture taken by a cabdriver who heard several loud booms before the crash shows thick billowing smoke. >> we see people who said they are live and walking around. >> people are walking outside of the airport. >> yes. >> it's where the 28. >> chopper 2 shows the barely there top of plane and debris wreckage everywhere. >> when we arrived on scene, the ute chutes were deployed to and we observed multiple numbers of people come down the chutes and walking to their safety. >> there are people right adjacent to the numbers. we can see two or three people that are moving who survived. >> reporter: some passengers were even found near the water. firefighters confirmed two hours after the crash, two people did not survive. authorities found the bodies outside of the plane and still there were others that they couldn't find. >> not everyone has yet to be accounted for. >> reporter: initially the number of passengers unaccounted for was
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as high as 60. a number that later disappeared due to checkpoint confusion. all people are now accounted for and sfo continues to face it's op operation obstacles tonight. >> we have a total of four runway as spot and we re-opened two of the four runways. >> reporter: meaning that are still limit adrifles and limited arrivals and departures. live snide of sfo. you can see it's really busy and in just a few hours at midnight the national transportation safety board or ntsb chair will arrive at midnight . ntsb and fbi will investigate how to this cross happened. a preference is tentatively scheduled for tomorrow morning and we still don't know when or where that conference will be held. reporting live from san francisco, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. we have seen all the
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daylight pictures of wreckage and now we want to show you a night view, live pictures from chopper 2. you can see that the area where the wreckage of the plane sits is lit up and it is secured and it's off-limits to everyone, until ntsb investigators arrive around midnight tonight to begin their investigation sometime tomorrow. a very ominous sign of what happened today and when you look at, it's truly meekerrable, but that all, but two people on board this plane survived. >> one of the many incredible images of the disaster was taken by a man on the flight asiana flight 214 and escaped with her wife. the man's daughter posted this. you can see the fire and smoke pouring from the boeing triple- 7. the woman tweeted her dad is safe and checked out at sfo for injuries. many witnesses posted videos on youtube of the crash just moments after it happened. this video was taken from
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across the bay and as you can see the crash produced a lot of thick, dark smoke. the man who posted the video said he shot it about five minutes after the plane skidded across the runway. and this person was inside the airport and could see the crash from the terminal. there are southwest planes in the foreground and then the crippled asiana jet on fire in the background. from the video it appears that the black smoke is coming from the front of the plane, closer to the cockpit. >> david eun an executive with samsung who is based here in the bay area was on that flight from seoul. he tweeted this photo and posted a message along with that read, "i just crash-landed at sfo. tail ripped off, most everyone seems fine. i am okay. surreal." and this photo is a photo taken at impact. it's a little difficult to see, but you can make out the plane and the smoke trailing behind. another photo also taken from
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close range shows san francisco fire crews stationed at the airport dousing the plain with foam. many of the photos sent to our newsroom were taken moments after the crash. and some of from passengers who evacuated the plane and were waiting for help on the tarmac. and then this is this photo of a passenger ben levy, his wife tweeting his photo from the hospital, being treated for broken ribs of she says her husband sitting in an exit row and helped about 50 people evacuate from the plane. >> ktvu's joan sasaki is live at sf generality where first- responders brought more than 50 of the injured. >> reporter: julie, we have been here since early this afternoon and watched dozens of people brought in. that patient ben levy stopped to share his harrowing story. >> those are the people in the
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hospital with their families. >> reporter: benjamin levy is a venture capitalist who lives in san francisco. he says it seemed like the pilot underestimated the start of the runway. >> the guy started to push the throttle back up again and there was water splashing onto the engine. i think we were almost landing on the water. >> reporter: he says it appeared to have happened in slow motion. >> i thought maybe we'll take off again and we didn't and went down pretty hard and bounced. >> reporter: levy was one of 53 patients obrought to sf general. the first ten were in critical condition. one more critical patient has arrived and six still in coming up next one of whom is a child. >> the internal injuries would be head injuries and bleeding of we also saw spinal injuries and other bone injuries, contusions. >> reporter:
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some of the victims also suffered serious burps. benjamin levy thought he was more seriously injured than he was. >> they took me to the hospital and took x-rays and i have nothing broken luckily. >> reporter: a lucky man indeed. the 53 crash victims range in age from 6 to6 years old and lastly, just a couple of minutes ago i talk told san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. 182 people injured in the crash were taken to variousloc hospitals and suffered a range of injuries including burns, fractures and intternal injuries. >> san francisco general, stanford, california pacific and st. francis all received patients. >> ktvu has a taken of reports on the ground covering the
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story. >> and our weekend anchors ken wayne and heather holmes live at sfo with the mood at the airport hours after this deadly crash. >> reporter: frank and julie, it looks like a normal day at san francisco international airport if you go in the international terminal behind us you will see passengers hauling their bags around and checking the flight status. if you didn't notice the tv news trucks out front, you would think it's a normal day. >> if you sit down and spend time that the impacted a becames clear. i was walking around the terminal and ran into a woman waiting for fay flight to new zealand and said thank god it wasn't worse. all the people still waiting in line were here this morning. >> reporter: as were a lot of people outside of the airport. it was a beautiful sunny day outside. people along the trail by the bay enjoying this nice weather. a lot of people in their apartments or hotels that face the airport could see the airport. in other words, a lot of
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witnesses here. >> in fact, you are going to hear from one witness, his name is dan glickman and he is staying a nearby hotel that ken mentioned and i want you to listen as he struggles with his emotions describing what he saw this morning. >> the wheels were too low, too soon. so this is the runway and it came in like this. and i was just watching the wheels and it just hit like this and whole thing just collapsed immediately, just pancaked. it the wing flew off. the whole inside of the cabin went orange. it continued to slide. it was just orange for a couple of seconds and then all of the smoke came out of it. i thought it was instant death for everybody when i saw the whole inside go orange like that; it happened very, very fast. its unreal, you know? it's hard for me to believe it now. >> as you can plainly see a
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very difficult thing to witness, but nothing compared to the ordeal of those on flight 214. >> 307 people, including the crew and others suffering burns and bruises and others with more serious injuries, ktvu's amber lee has talked to some of the shaken passengers who tell her about their terrifying crash crash-landing. >> heather we found one family on that plane and survived with minor injuries. these are veddpal wade singh describing a scary ordeal that came with no warning from the pilot. >> he had a very hard landing and i think there was a loud noise and we sensed something was wrong. masks dropped down and the whole plane was shaking. >> reporter: they tell me they used the emergency chute to get off the plane. >> i was scared.
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my son was with me and i just hold his hand and he is scared. >> reporter: singh and his father were both treated at the hospital. >> i have severe neck pains and i was in the hospital for a couple of hours. >> reporter: we found this sunnyvale man to came to pick up a old college friend and his family on the asiana flight and showed text messages that his friend sent him as soon as he evacuated the flight. >> he said i have crashed, but i'm okay. >> i think it's that we have so many survived. it could have been so much worse. >> reporter: the singh family tells me that they live in seoul, south korea and are here to visit family in the bay area. a sigh of relief that so many
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survived. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. asiana airlines list a breakdown of the passengers on board today's flight, 141 of them are chinese citizens and 77 from korea. 61 are american and one japanese citizen on boards. >> was a very cootik scene inside the international terminal as families tried to get in touch with loved one in the minutes and hours immediately after the crash. ktvu's patti lee was right in the middle of it, along with all of those passengers. >> reporter: it's still a zoo here at international terminal and just look at this line. this is the result of the chaos here this afternoon. we have been talking to passengers. they have subdued and they have been here all afternoon, all evening, trying to find alternative ways to get to where they were going. with every airline here affected, their options were are and still are limited. >> i am just like going around last time before i take off.
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at 8:00 tonight park was still looking for his friend, a passenger on asiana airlines flight 214. >> he got out of the plane safe and then made a call to his parents saying he is okay. but since then, we haven't really heard back from him. >> reporter: chaos reigned after the crash and passengers not rush to the hospital were taken to this room in the international terminal and here they could be treated for minor injuries before they were interviewed by tsa and airline officials and met my family and friends. >> it's okay, we're just in shock, scared, yes. >> passengers on the ill-fated flight were treated first and then had to be taken back through customs a step that was skipped because of the emergency. >> we saw the burning airplane and the fire cars came in and put water ore it. it was crazy because we were
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wow, that is real. >> reporter: witnesses described the scene as terrifying and surreal. >> my parents are maybe it's just practicing are asiana airlines immediately shut down operations at sfo after the crash of the airport closed for several hours. >> the airline told us that flight is still leaving a:00ing a6:00, but the airport wasn't open. >> but then two runways re- opened this afternoon. >> i wanted to make sure that they cancel the flight i can take my mother home. >> reporter: ten minutes ago, i checked in with san francisco police who told me there are still asiana airlines passengers here and that a translator came in 20 minutes ago, but the focus is on passengers and getting them to their destinations. reporting live at sfo, patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. and more live coverage on
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this breaking news story is straight ahead. we'll hear from some of those stranded passengers after the deadly crash at sfo. >> and the one question on everyone's mind, why was that jet so low and slow coming in? ♪
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crash-land at sfo. news chopper 2 was overhead as crews were extincting the fire that dutted plane. roads to the airport were blocked immediately after the crash and all flights were canceled until 4:00 this afternoon. ktvu's katy outevidence is utehs is live from the airport. >> a family traveling to news adela approved me new zealand said they watch our coverage and the april said come down to the airport you had get on a flight. so today has been a lot of people, passengers and airline ryps just trying to sort through the confusion. >> we were supposed to play golf together this afternoon. >> gabriel lee is among the hundreds who drove to san francisco international airport to pick up a loved one only it learn that the flight his
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friend was on crash-landed. >> he was in panic and he was guided by the attendant to escape. >> repoer: the moments following, chaotic for passengers and witnesses. >> i was trying to go to long beach. >> laurie simmons watched rescue of the froms from the international terminal. >> i turned around and theres a big puff of smoke and within a minute or so, fire engines started going down the tarmac and then there was like a big, giant smoke, black, black, black smoke. >> reporter: the family of crash victims looked for any news, trying to reconnect with the missing passengers. >> all they told us to do was wait and contact her, but she didn't have a phone or nothing. >> reporter: as the busy airport came to a stall. >> the airport has begun a partial resumption of operations. >> i am more concerned about
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the news that people died and so many were hurt. that is heart-breaking. >> reporter: some may fly out of sfo out soon and others spending the night. >> it's out of everyone's control and even the airlines don't know what will happen next. >> reporter: families headed to new zealand tell me their original flight was set to live at 10:00 and they texted me a few minutes ago to tell me their new departure time is midnight and they are set to board at 11:15, so there is some movement at sfo. flights are taking off, but many of them delayed. live at san francisco international airport, katie utehs, ktvu news. 11 flights including three international flights and domestic flights landed at oakland. >> 14 hours and we couldn't
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land and we flew around and couldn't get down. something was happened and we landed here. >> airport officials say 17 flights diverted to san josi and others were separate to sacramento flights and los angeles even as far away as salt lake city. >> the asiana airlines plane was coming in low and slow for its scheduled landing when disaster struck. it was 11:27em a.m. when the boeing triple-7 loaded with 291 passengers and 16 crew members crash-landed and caught fire on the runway. it was an hour later at 12:25 when crews on the ground had had the fire extinguished and passengerred had been to taken into a safe zone at terminal. here is what it sound like as the air-traffic control tower deployed emergency crews to the scene. >> 2414, i214, emergency
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vehicles are responding. asian 214, heavy, emergency vehicles are responding. we have everyone on their way. >> flight 214 originated in shanghai, china with a stop in seoul, south korea. >> the question on everyone's mind is why was the heavy jet so low and slow controlling in? ktvu's debora villalon live near sfo with some insight from a pilot and an air-traffic controller. debora. >> well, we're south of the airport, along the bay, and you can look out and see the wreckage. south koreas wreckage sources in the tower tell me had a that the pilot realized he was landing short and trying to pull up and make
10:24 pm
another attempt, but simply too late. >> you cannot land on that part of the runway. you have to land here. >> reporter: retired united airline captain bruce mylan landed countless times here. the big fans and engines provide thrust, but take time to spool up when pilots hit the throttle. >> you might have 3, 4 seconds delay and if you have that delay, then the april is going to settle in, especially if you were slow to start with. >> reporter: gusting erratic winds can make sfo landings tricky, but winds were tame at the time. air-traffic controllers amindful if jets land together, wake turbulence from the one in front can cause instability for the one that
10:25 pm
follows. bill pong retired from sfo tower two months ago and listening to the air traffic transmissions with the asiana pilot he says the conversation is routine until suddenly it isn't. >> it seemed like we can watch this guy and we're done. you just don't see that. he is trying to move airplanes out. that sour big thing is to move airplanes so it's still going to be gut wrenching to have something like that happen to you on your watching, while you are working. in a matter of seconds they are dead. you know? that stuff is so toxic. >> retired captain mylan is surprised at the few deaths, but finds this photo troubling the fleeing passenger in green he says has her carry on bag with her. >> how many people couldn't get out because she is sitting there getting this bag out? maybe the two that died in there. >> reporter:
10:26 pm
today's crash is similar to one five years ago at heathrow airport in london. that 777 lost power on landing due to a frozen fuel line. now sources here at sfo tell me that when today's asiana jet was so low it actually could have stalled, it was moving at 90 knots, 100 miles per hour and that is when it was 3 miles out, normal speed for that landing would have been 140 knots. reporting live at sfo, debora villalon, ktvu which channel 2 news. >> the weather is often a factor, but at the time of the crash witnesses say there wasn't a shroud in sight. meteorologist mark tamayo with the weather conditions. >> typically at sfo we're talking about dense fog and strong gusty wind, but today the complete opposite. this was the satellite at 11:30
10:27 pm
this morning. the cloud deck is takely out to the west of the sfo. so the clearing skies here, and here is the approach of that flight. so moving in from the south, crossing the san mateo bridge and, in fact, we'll take a closer look at the runway structure here. you can pick out two way left where the crash occurred. the most recent observations before that crash at 10:56 this morning and in the sky just a few clouds, clouds at 1600'. winds only around 7 miles per hour. no gusts and the visibility just about 10 miles per hour. so you can see with this weather report at 10:56 this morning and all morning long, at least we have some relatively calm conditions this morning. >> up next, hear more on our breaking news, that deadly plane crash at sfo. federal investigators getting ready to go through that wreckage. we'll examine what they are looking for when they arrive on
10:28 pm
scene and getting new video on the mots just of a that crash and you can see just how devastating it was. >> and more images from news chopper 2 as this story unfolded this afternoon. from above you can see how severe this fire d crash was with one engine missing and holes burned in the fuselage and the tail torn off.
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. here are several photos now of the plane that crashed today. these were taken last monday as it was preparing to depart sfo. the person took the photos from the bayfront park in millbrae as he waited to pick up his daughter at airport. >> here is a stimulation of asiania's crash-landing, showing the plane coming up short and the tail rips away from the fuselage and the plane continues to slide down the
10:31 pm
runway, 2,000' before it finally came to a stop. >> this is new video that we're getting of the moments just after the crash. a viewer just sent us this video from the camera on the roof of the south san francisco marriott. you can see black smoke billowing from the roof of the plane. the ntsb will arrive around midnight and tom vacar has covered air safety forreer and has detail on what the federal team will be looking for at that crash site. >> reporter: the national transportation safety board, an independent government agency not beholden to the airlines, pilots, airports or even the faa, has the task of determining the most likely cause or causes of why asiana 214 crashed today. solving the puzzle begins with six main request questions.
10:32 pm
was it the plane? was it pilots? was it the controllers? was it the weather? was it the airport? or was it some combination of the above? in this case, much of the information is readily available, something often lacking when a plan disappears into the ocean or is vaporized in a crash or explosion. in this case, there are survivors, and witnesses. there is the flight data recorder showing how the aircraft system were actually operating. there is the cockpit voice recorder revealing what the pilots were saying. there are the air-traffic controller recordings. most of the airplane is still enough intact to be examined and there may very well be video of the crash from airport cameras. all of this will be meticulously gathered by the ntsb investigation team, who will study and evaluate it coming up with a probable cause or causes in about a year. i'm tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and more details now on the path of the plane crash.
10:33 pm
the point of impact to the last piece of debris is about 2,000 feet. feet. it appears that the plane hit the seawall as it was approaching the runway. the latest estimate is that it was traveling too slow, only about 100 miles per hour, when it crashes. >> more on your breaking news from sfo is coming up. the latest on the investigation and the injured passengers. ktvu's ken wayne and heather holmes are at the airport with more on situation there right now. farmers presents: 15 seconds of smart. so you're worried about house fires? stop smoking. manage your wires. watch out for space heaters. clean the chimney. get one of these. cool the romance. and of course, talk to farmers. hi. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum♪
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wreckage of asiana airlines flight 214 still on the runway this evening. a very somber sight following today's deadly crash-landing and we want to bring you the latest on what is happening at sfo. >> ktvu's heather holmes and ken wayne are at the airport with the latest develops including an update on the injured passengers. heather, ken. >> frank, julie, if you look at the pictures of the aircraft that is out there right now, it's hard to believe that almost everyone got out of that plane alive. so the praise is coming in for the first-responders and crew that got everybody out safely. congresswoman nancy pelosi tweeted "prayers with with those affected by asian flight crash and their families, thanks to brave first- responders for their swift response efforts." we want to show you some video of investigators at the crash scene shortsly shortly after that crash. as you mentioned, the head of
10:37 pm
the ntsb is on his way from washington, d.c., and is expected to be here in about an hour and 20 minutes. >> of course federal officials will be here for some time as they conduct a very thorough and meticulous investigation trying to figure out exactly what happened on board flight 214. in the meantime, though, condolences continue to pour in over the loss of life here at sfo. governor jerry brown also issuing a statement, ken. he took offering his deepest concern and sympathy to the passengers on board and also points out the courage and swift response tost first- responders. whose actions he says surely prevented an even greater tragedy. ktvu's john sasaki is live at san francisco general and john i know you have a moving image that points out just how quickly first-responders reacted, but you also spoke with some other passengers who pulled off some pretty heroic efforts themselves. >> reporter: that is absolutely right, heather we have been here all afternoon and it's been a heckic day at san francisco
10:38 pm
general hospital. for most of the afternoon we walked acrash victims came many one ambulance after another and one young lady i can, maybe 10- 12 years old, arriving in a front seat and a paramedic carried her to a waiting wheelchair very tenderly and she seemed to be in good spirits. we can see she had some abrasions or bruising on knees. all told 53 victims were brought to sf general, ten of them in critical condition and one more critical patient did arrive and one in critical is a child. those folks have broken burns or internal injuries or even burns. a patient told the media what he did after the plane came to a stop. >> we managed to open the door and somebody helped me push it out. there were no slides when i
10:39 pm
looked outside i could see debris, but someone that looks lie a step or piece of the wing and going down further. so i just told me, we're okay, come down, start getting identity, leave out and leave your items behind and help each other. >> levy added that he thought he suffered broken ribs, but in the end, the extras proved negative. by tonight, those with the most serious injuries were tended by socioworkers to help deal with the trauma and also top here
10:40 pm
the south korean consulate general. >> of the 16 remaining in the hospital tonight, three are in critical condition and earlier, doctors talked about those injuries at a briefing. >> blunt-force injuries, we have seen a lot of injuries that seem like they would be consistent with the side arms hitting patients. doctors say their injuries included internal bleeding, broken bones and in some cases broken backs from the force of the impact glitch facebook ceo sheryl impact. >> facebook sheryl sandberg was originally going to take the asiana delight and posted this message. we are seeing dozens of photos. incident and it's aftermath from social media. here are a look at the few of the many pictures. let's see if we have them here that were posted on twitter.
10:41 pm
there is one. some came from people who escaped from the plane right of a it had crash-land. some were from across the bay, showing the thick smoke, rising up from that boeing 777. >> well, uncredible pictures and coming up incredible pictures and coming up next, another live update is just minutes away. that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time...
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away . we are get a clearer impact of how crew members and first- responders worked furiously to get passengers out of that burning plane as quickly as possible. ktvu's jade hernandez is at the airport with new information on
10:44 pm
those efforts jade. >> reporter: we are live at sfo tonight and we wanted to bring you to the heart of the international terminal, so that we could show you just how many people are still in line, and trying to find a way home. there are so many things that we're learning at this hour and within the past couple of hours. 225 first-responders, that is how many people helped to get passengers off or way from flight 214. we're only now learning within the past few hours about the heroic efforts that saved lives and i spoke with san francisco police chief greg suhr who some of the passengers on flight 214 couldn't get off their seats and with the firefighters and the crew members were cutting seat belts to get everyone off the plane. police chief greg suhr says if it wasn't for the first-
10:45 pm
responders and the firefighters and the police officers and crew members there would be more casualties today. we're live at sfo at the international terminal and interpreters helped with the communication. some paramedics we're told even rode with some of the passengers who had to get to nine bay area hospitals. they rode with them on buses. i want you to know that some of the these passengers i have been told may not even get home until tuesday of next week. hotels are booked and they are doing the best that they can. the aircraft terminal will remain open until 2:00 a.m. a lot of these airport concessions will be opened for these passengers and we'll continue our team coverage with ktvu. report living, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. jade, thank you. asiana airlines says it plans to conduct a full investigation into today's crash. in a statement the airlines said, "it is currently investigating the special cause